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Letters of Appreciation


  Letters of Appreciation

I would like to take this time to thank you, your family and your Ministry for being such a blessing to my life.

 Over the years no matter what part of my life has needed direction and Truth to overcome and set me truly free, you have been there with the uncompromising Word of God! Your knowledge of the Scriptures and ability to help me to easily understand them in my times of need has been to my benefit over and over again. 

Through your outreach of ministry and special prayers, I have received healing to my body on more than one occasion, and answered prayer to many of my needs. You always plant 'hope' in dry places with the Life of the Word! 

My own personal faith and Christian growth continue to be inspired by the examples you and your immediate family set forth. I have seen each of you stand and believe by Faith for the things you have believed for according to Scripture and have seen the Hand of God miraculously move on your behalf!

You don't just minister what the Word says, but truly 'live' by it!

Because of your Ministry, I am continually encouraged and strengthened and made able to help others as you have helped me!

Thank you for all of your love and support over the years.  Thank you for your Christ-like examples. Thank you for your obedience to serve others and make a difference in lives like mine! 


Diana Loftis


 Rev. Bob Prettyman has been a fantastic friend and counselor to me and my
 family. He has provided help and spiritual direction to many, if not all in our
 local congregation. He has the wisdom and compassion that I look for in a person
 who would be trustworthy to be behind my pulpit on any given Sunday. He is a
 "team player", and has on several occasions provided encouragement to our
 entire church body, and demonstrated love and support to those who were needing
 help at that particular time. Simply put, I trust Bob Prettyman with the lives
 of my family and my congregation.
 Bob Prettyman and his family have brought a spirit of unity to our local
 church. I highly recommend him and his ministry to any and all. My personal
 feeling is when you have met Rev. Bob Prettyman; you've met the persona of the
 love, and compassion of God. 
 Pastor Doug Moore
 Living Word Worship Center

I would just like to share my heart about a man named Bob Prettyman.  He is a genuine Man of God.  I praise the Lord for having the pleasure of meeting him and now knowing him.  Bob has been like a place of refuge when the storms of life have come crashing down all around me.  He has encouraged me with a compassionate heart full of the Love of God, he has comforted me with the peace that comes from hearing the promises of God through the Scriptures, and he always takes time to check in on me to make sure that I am still encouraged and if there is anything he can do for me.  There are many who call themselves pastors that don't do these things for their church, but Bob does it, not because he gets paid to do it, but because that is what he is all about.  Bob ministers to God's people, the lost, the wounded, and the broken hearted and he has been and continues to be a wonderful blessing in my life.

From: Kim Abell


I am writing this letter to commend Rev. Prettyman as an able and skilled minister of the Gospel.  Over the years since I have known Bro. Prettyman, he has ministered to our congregation on numerous occasions and our people have been tremendously blessed and encouraged by his messages.  He is able to effectively communicate a message of hope and encouragement in a way that impacts people’s lives.

On a more personal level, I was the beneficiary of Bro. Prettyman’s counsel and encouragement for many months during the period when my wife was afflicted with cancer.  On a regular basis, Bro. Prettyman would call to encourage me, pray with me, counsel me and let me know that he and his family were ready to help our family in any way practical as well as spiritual.  Ultimately, on September 4, 2004, my wife passed on, but, during the preceding months, it was comforting to know that I would be getting a call from Bro. Prettyman or, if I needed support, I could call him.

I consider Rev. Prettyman one of my closest friends in the ministry.  He is sensitive to the needs of people and yet firmly confident of who God is and how God can get a person through even the most difficult of situations.  He has shown to me, first hand, his ability to comfort and counsel with people who are facing separation due to the passing of a loved one.  Therefore, it is with no hesitation that I heartily commend him as a gifted and compassionate minister who has been a real blessing to my congregation and me.


Richard A. Bullis 

I have known Bob Prettyman and his wife Marilyn and their son Caleb for
 about 10 years.
 We met because of Bob's devotion to God and his preaching/teaching
  My husband was critically ill 6 years ago and because of Bob's teaching
 and prayers we were able to come through that horrible time and had 6
 more years together as a family before he finally went to be with the
 Lord last year.
 I would highly recommend Bob for any position that had anything to do
 with ministering to people.
 It is a gift that God gave him and one he does not take lightly.
 Donna Preuit
  Shreveport, LA  

I have been greatly blessed by the ministry of Robert Prettyman. His weekly emails have been a source of insight and encouragement to me. He has often asked for prayer for his ministry opportunities, which is a great sign of dependence upon Jesus. He has a loving heart and great commitment to help others. He has a great clarity of understanding of scripture. He quotes it often in a way that is very helpful and useful to all. He has been able to bring forth the right and fitting inspirations for the time and need. I have been very impressed with his abilities and wish more people could be like him. He is definitely a gem in Christ and a great spiritual adviser for everyone. Thank you for you consideration. God bless you.

Janet Yrigoyen

Franklin, TN 

  I just want to say thank you Pastor Bob, for all the support, words of wisdom and counsel you have given to my wife & I over the last couple of years, especially these last months. These months have been very interesting to say the least, but very awakening to ones understanding of life.

        On August 8, 2007, I had quadruple heart bypass surgery, which lasted seven hours. Even though I have a strong faith things like this come by and try to loosen up the ground you stand on and sometime even trip you up. That is why Pastor Bob, I wanted to say thank you again for the words of encouragement and a reminder to me of who I am and why I live so as I went into surgery I had a peace that could not be moved. 

John & Deborah Sotirkys

East Sandwich, Ma. 02537